Martin Luther King Jr.

I have heard on the radio some conservatives bringing up the name of a gentleman from history for whom they expressed admiration.  The man known as Martin Luther King Jr.  Of course his given name was Michael.  His father changed it (never legally)..  His “non-violence” consisted of goading, cajoling, taunting, and prodding officers of the law and local officials into unwise and violent actions.  He probably did more than anyone since the American Caesar, Mr. Lincoln, to destroy federalism, dual sovereignty, and local self government in the US.  He was a communist or at least a dupe of communists. His movement was populated by several of the card-carrying variety, including Bayard Rustin, Hunter Pitts O’Dell and others.  He attended the communist front Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tennessee. He was a traitor who didn’t just oppose the war in Vietnam, but called for the defat of our troops.
His sexual exploits rivaled or surpassed an alley cat or maybe even Ted Kennedy. There is ample evidence to suggest he plagiarized his doctoral thesis. Whatever good may have come of the so-called “civil rights” movement, there is little to admire about Michael King Jr.
            Carl Edwards