Supreme Court argument for voting Republican?

Some good Christians who don’t like Donald Trump,, nevertheless exhort us to vote for him for the Supreme Court nominees sake. Lets look at the record:

1960’s Bible reading & prayer out of school : Led by Chief Justice Earl Warren – Republican appointee
1973 Roe v. Wade : Opinion written by Harry Blackmun – Republican appointee
2012 Obama care : Deciding vote by John Roberts – Republican appointee
2016 Gay marriage : Deciding vote by Anthony Kennedy – Republican appointee (Reagan)

NO Christian should EVER vote for Donald Trump ! He is a foul mouthed, playboy, con-man ! Please don’t buy the every four year lie that this is the most important election ever. God is in control! He saw us through 8 years of Bill Clinton, 8 years of Barack Obama, and He will see us through Hillary, if that is His will. The Republican Party has lied to, deceived, betrayed and humiliated believers long enough. They certainly don’t deserve any support from us, especially this year with a thrice married, casino builder as nominee! Don’t buy the lie that there are only two choices. Vote your conscience, not the “lesser of two evils”. Vote Constitution Party – Darrell Castle for President, Scott Bradley for Vice President

Carl Edwards
Allen Township