Tell me again: Why am I supposed to be happy?

Well the election season is over and the dust is still settling. Dramatic change has occurred and the establishment of both parties, as well as the media, pundits and political “Pros” have been dealt a severe blow. I admit that is worth a smile. It is one one of the most dramatic upsets in a long time. How far reaching, as far as policy goes, remains to be seen. Perhaps it will be a lengthening of our tranquility. While some good things may result, I just can’t understand the euphoria of so many believers.

A Christian organization was exhorting believers to pray that “no evil person would be elected”. Yet, so many of the very same intercessors voted for perhaps the most evil candidate on the GOP side in a hundred years. They elected an ill-tempered, foul mouthed, playboy, con-man, from of all places the conservative bastion of NYC. The very man who called their candidate in the primaries, “Lyin’ Ted”. A man with whom principle is merely a minor inconvenience.

Perhaps the worst result is that the election of a man who said, at least some of the things they wanted to hear, has cemented the love affair between Christians & the Republican Party. It is not just an opinion that suggests that most Christians love the GOP more than the truth. To demonstrate it for yourself, try telling them the truth about some action the party has taken. Such as the fact that 248 Republicans in the House of Representatives (187 Dems) couldn’t defund Planned Parenthood, or give them this little chart on Republican Supreme Court nominees:

Republican appointees to the Supreme Court

Bible – Prayer out of school – Warren Court – Earl Warren (Rep)
Roe vs. Wade – Harry Blackmun (Rep)
Obama care – John Roberts (Rep)
Gay Marriage – Anthony Kennedy (Rep)

They will react in one of two ways: Ignore you or attack you personally.

So while some good things may result from a Trump presidency, maybe a real good thing, if he does something about immigration, we have taken a step back from realizing that the answer to the great need for a just and orderly society under Godly precepts, is not to gain a “strong man” who will wield power for “our side”, but to eliminate “strong men” and limit the power we grant our leaders !

Carl Edwards

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